We Need a Power Supply!

Power supply has a function to supply power and change the AC voltage into DC voltage or vice versa. Home appliances requiring electrical energy that is lower than that available so that the required device’s voltage available for changing into the proper voltage, so it can be used by home electronics. modular enclosure

Power supply used in computer. He has an important role in the computer that is functioning as the supply power is needed by every part of the computer to run well. This device has 5 or more connectors, and can be connected to any associated equipment such as motherboards, hard drives, floppy disk drives, CD – ROM.

Be careful when choosing the gadget, because the machine that has low quality will produce a DC voltage that is not flat and there are ripples (ripple). If used within a period long enough to cause damage to computer components.

An important component for the device is cooling, so its use must be equipped with a fan, which serves to cool the air.

There are several types of power supply, the first type is linear. In general, this type uses a transformer to convert high voltage input and produces a low output voltage. If you want to generate the DC voltage is used rectifier. Another type is the type of circuit switching that have more complicated where there are many major components, which will affect the efficiency of conversion of AC to DC, and has an efficiency of about 60-90% more power than linear. Almost all units of system in a PC today are the type of switching.


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