The Most Important Piece to Making an Income Off of the Internet

There is one thing above all of the other things that is the most important piece to making an income off of the internet. This income producing piece is your sale funnel. You need to have a good quality sales funnel for making an income off of the internet because without this piece being of good quality, everyone will click away from your site.

Think about it for a moment, if you had a product that you were selling and you earned $50 for every sale that you made, making just one sale is not going to break your bank with cash. You will need to make quite a few sales to really make some cash. Now if your sales funnel only produced a sale 0.5% of the time, you are going to need 200 people to come to your funnel to produce $50 of actual cash. That is a lot of traffic that you will need to have come to the funnel. multiple income funnel legit

But if your sales funnel was a better quality funnel and it produced a sale 10% of the time, then you are only going to need 10 people to come to your site to make the same $50. This is huge.

By doing nothing more than focusing on your sales funnel and creating it to be a good producing funnel, you will be making money hands over fist compared to having a crappy funnel.

Now obviously having a sales funnel that produces is highly important for making an income off of the internet. You need way less traffic coming to your site and that will drop your marketing costs and efforts. Or, keep the same marketing budget and increase your revenues and your profits. Either way, this is the biggest and most important piece.


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