The Best AWP Skins Under 10 Dollars

The AWP is one of the coolest guns in CS:GO due to its unique ability to kill in one shot, so finding the best cheap AWP skins is important to swag out your inventory. Here are our best AWP skins under $10, accurate as of August 2019.

1. AWP Safari Mesh – Factory New
Coming in as one of cheapest AWP skins on this list, the Safari Mesh is one of those ‘so bad it’s good’ kinda skins. If you’ve got a cheap inventory, you may as well fill it with as many Safari Meshes as you can. Added benefit of the Safari Mesh is it tends to blend in with the ground, so enemies are probably going to struggle to find it at times. This could seriously end up winning you a game!

2. AWP Corticera – Minimal Wear
Why would someone spend 100x the price of this skin on an AWP Medusa? The Corticera is the perfect balance of price and elegance.

3. StatTrak? AWP PAW – Minimal Wear
How to improve one of the most unique AWP skins you can find in CS:GO? You StatTrak it, of course! If you?re the dedicated sniper on your team (or just that person who buy an awp as soon as they hit $5000), then this is a must for your inventory.

4. AWP Fever Dream – Factory New
The only skin on this list from 2017 is the Fever Dream and, luckily for us, its price is cheap enough for to look at its minimal wear version. The design looks almost graffiti-like, and has lots of quirky and stunning images to make this a killer of a skin for under 10 dollars. Make sure you do that #HEADSHOT proud, though.

5. AWP Mortis – Minimal Wear
Living up to its ghostly name, the AWP Mortis depicts several images that can?t do anything but fill you with a creeping feeling. From the skull near the stock of the weapon, to the roman numerals spelling out the unlucky number ?13? in the middle of the gun, the AWP Mortis is a surefire way to ensure you truly become a deadly sniper.

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6. AWP Pit Viper – Minimal Wear
Another astonishingly cheap AWP is the field tested Pit Viper AWP – which is probably the best looking skin in terms of value for money. It looks different to most AWP skins and adds a welcome touch of color to the weapon, making it a real bargain.

7. AWP Acheron – Factory New
A skin that can only be described as macabre, this AWP skin speaks to the kind of scenes you?ll be creating with those headshots you keep hitting (or missing). Covered in skulls and bones, you?ll charge into battle like a grim reaper in the flesh with this rifle on your back.

8. AWP Electric Hive – Minimal Wear
We’re not quite too sure why Valve didn’t make this futuristic AWP skin covert, because it sure is beautiful. The hexagonal hive-like texutre really is unique to the Electric Hive, and is a must-have if you’re going for a cheap but classy load out.

9. AWP Elite Build – Battle scarred
For a good looking AWP skin that is in very good condition, you?d imagine paying much more than this small budget, yet you can grab the Elite Build for less than that. It?s not the cheapest AWP skin, but it sure looks nice. Belonging to the same family as the popular AK skin, this weapon does get a lot of use by the community, but that doesn?t stop it being one of the best looking AWP skins on this list.

10. AWP Worm God – Factory New
The first factory new AWP and it only costs around a dollar. On the Worm God you get a cool graphic of vines, skulls, and all sorts of cool imagery you?d expect on much more expensive riles.

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