Start a Tourism Business – Be a Tour Guide For Your Area

Even if you don’t think that your area is one that is popular, you might be quite surprised. This is because every area has that attraction that people come to see. You can even advertise your area as a historic tourist spot if it has a lot of historic significance. So what does this mean? What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

This means that you’re going to be a tour guide. You can arrange appointments where you take people all around your area and show them what it has got. You can tell them the history behind each place you take them to.

For example, you may show them a house that was a part of the Underground Railroad. There are very few of those homes left in the U.S. today. However, there are some that have the tunnels still intact and many individuals can experience part of those tunnels. See if you can make a deal with the owners of these homes and make their home a tourist stop. You can give them a part of your profits so that you can add this to your itinerary.

You can also make souvenirs that relate to the historic areas that they visit. They want to show people where they have been, so having a keychain, an ink pen, or some other souvenir can be quite beneficial.

So go ahead and start your tourism business. It requires very little startup because you can do a lot of these tours on foot. You can make quite a bit of cash this way and ensure that you make even more cash by selling souvenirs.

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