Reduce Weight, Burn Calories Using Hydrotherapy Home Spa Equipment – Real People Real Benefits

Unique Hydrotherapy Home Spa equipment that will redefine your bath routine. This is genuinely tried and tested for which I can personally vouch for wholeheartedly. Be it weight reduction, flu symptoms, jet lag, back pains, PMT this has become to our aid. If you have elderly in the house who suffer joint pains, arthritis, back pains this can be of great help in providing relief. You can add the special aromatherapy spa oils and bath salts to recreate a spa experience at your home. What most users love about this is the ease of use and great value for money. Imagine you can have a Spa at home. This equipment is also so easy to install. All you need is a regular bath tub.

Some of the highlights of this Spa equipment that is manufactured using German technology are:

  • Increases your metabolism. Just spending 15-20 minutes in the bath tub fitted with Spa equipment, you can burn around 300 calories. You will feel it.
  • Increases your blood circulation
  • Benefits people with skin problems, treat skin disease and fungal infections
  • Prevent cancer and its recurrence
  • By adding the Aromatherapy Spa oils provides increased benefits of providing relief from high/low blood pressure, detoxification, diabetes, insomnia. You can choose from 7 different Aromatherapy oils to target specific problem areas

Technology behind Ultrasonic Home Spa

The home spa is a unique 3 in 1 machine that generates ultrasonic bubbles, ozone and emits far infrared rays. spa equipment in New York

Ultrasonic bubbles

Million of bubbles upon collisions generate natural ultrasound. This helps in Warming the body,therapeutic and deep cleansing

Ozone Anions

Controlled ozone emission in water that helps in replenishing oxygen and negative ions, kills bacteria, removes body odor and brightens the skin

Far Infrared mat

Flexible ceramic mat emits FIR that helps in increasing metabolism, blood circulation, contains anti-cancer, anti-stroke and anti-aging properties. What users say about the Home Spa. Read the testimonials of many satisfied clients like Mdm.Zhang Yar Ching who was suffering from arthritis, high blood pressure, back pains. She always felt breathless and exhausted. She needed somebody to be around at the time in case of any emergency. But after using the spa for 3 months twice a day 15 min per session, she has a much productive and feels much much better.

What about the safety of the Home Spa

  • This home spa is 100% safe. This has the safety CSA & CE safety seal awarded and certified by the government.
  • This home spa device has passed the safety compliance testing and has the insurance coverage for US and Canadian markets.
  • CE has certified this home spa for European market.
  • Certification by DNV, which is one of the leading world-wide registrars for certification of ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, TL 9000, SA 8000 & CE Mark.
  • This home spa has passed China Compulsory Certification.

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