Medical Tourism in India – The Cost Effective Way to Avail Quality Care

No doubt that a large number of tourists come to India to enjoy its climate fairs and culture. But the number of medical tourists is equally impressive. The number of people who come to India for medical purposes is increasing day by day, thanks to the cost effective treatment provided by the hospitals here. Medical tourists of India get a variety of options to get treatment for their various ailments. Hospitals in India are equipped to provide a variety of treatment options to foreigners like allopathic, Ayurvedic, homeopathic, Yoga, Sidhh and Unani.

There are other reasons also which attract more tourists to have medical tourism in India. One of the prime factors is the vast difference in cost of treatment. The treatment of diseases in hospitals in India is up to 75 percent cheaper than the US or other European countries like the UK, France, Brazil or Germany. For example, a bone marrow transplant could cost you around $350,000 in the US, while the same transplant could be done for $30,000 in India. Similarly, a heart bypass surgery could cost you around $24,000 in the U.S, while the same surgery could be done for $6.000 in a top hospital in India. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

Cheap cost of treatment does not mean that the medical care facilities in India are of inferior quality. In fact, there are many world class hospitals in India like All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Tata Memorial Hospital, Apollo Group of Hospitals, Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, Moolchand Hospital and CMC Vellore. All these hospitals are equipped with state of the art medical facilities. They keep on researching about new disease and the ways to counter them. They regularly send their doctors to international laboratories, seminars and conferences so that they are always updated with the newest trends in world class medical care.

Many visitors come to India for treatment of their dental ailments. Dental care in India is equally good and the hospitals of the country are fully equipped to tackle any challenge. Needless to say, the cost factor again plays a crucial role in drawing more tourists for medical tourism of India. A dental filling, which might cost you around $400 in the US could be done for $30 in India. A root canal surgery would cost your around $200 in India, while the same surgery could cost you around $3,000 in Europe and the US. No wonder then that the number of travelers who come for dental care in India is increasing with each passing month.

However, before finalizing your medical tourism India tour, you need to do some homework. You must assure about the infrastructure and level of medical care in your choice of hospital and the hidden costs involved. You also need to maintain a list of contacts whom you can always turn up for help in case of an unexpected emergency. Rest assured, your medical tourism to India will heal both your body and mind.

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