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All work and no play makes the work-a-day world a grind. If your company is organizing a picnic or preparing for an annual launch party, there are a few items that can both help you to promote your business and inject a lot of fun into the event. These promo products can help you to spread the fun to your clients and business partners as well. Flying discs and beach balls, squirt guns and soap bubbles, crayons and markers, or even pedometers are all great ideas to try. ใบเจียร

Flying discs provide a fun outdoor activity for company picnics. People will spend hours throwing and catching these to each other, and they are great fun for dog owners too. The big round surface provides you with an ideal canvas for your brand. There are several types, including the traditional hard plastic discs, but if these are intended for indoor use such as a launch party or convention, consider a die-cut foam or a collapsible fabric disc. Beach balls are great for indoor or outdoor fun and are readily available in sizes from six to 30 inches in diameter. The larger size beach balls are super for indoor rallies because they have a large surface for imprinting, so your brand can be seen flying over the heads of attendees as they get batted around.

Squirt guns and soap bubbles can also bring a lot of fun to outdoor events. Squirt guns can be imprinted on the side with your company logo and come in a variety of colors and shapes, from a small pistol style to a large tanker that gives you more room for imprinting. Custom labels can be printed on bottles of soap bubbles, which can be fun items to put in goody bags for tradeshows.

Have groups collaborate on the creation of banners and flags with crayons and markers for a great team building activity. Dry erase markers are used everywhere now for meetings and presentations, so markers imprinted with your brand would be appreciated gifts for trade show attendees. Small boxes of crayons can have custom labels affixed and would also make a fun addition to gift bags.

As waist sizes increase and concern over the affects of obesity become more of a focus, companies are trying to find ways to help their employees manage their health. Pedometers have become a fun and popular tool to give people a way to monitor their level of physical activity. Just clip one of these to your belt and it will give you a count of the number of steps taken in a day, a week, or a month. A fun way to use pedometers is for contests to see who can remain most physically active in a given time period, even adding together the counts for teams as a whole. You can show your company’s support for promoting physical fitness to associates, clients, and partners by providing pedometers sporting your brand.


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