How Medical Tourism is Changing Surrogacy Options

Decades ago, Americans wouldn’t have dreamed of the concept of surrogacy, let alone traveling thousands of miles to make it happen in another country. Today, hundreds of couples are resorting to medical tourism as the means by which to find the perfect surrogate. The medical tourism phenomenon has opened the doors for surrogacy abroad and made the world just a little smaller by bringing people from different countries together in the pursuit of expanding families. As surrogacy abroad becomes popular more and more couples are finding joy and success through medical tourism.

What exactly led to the boom in reproductive tourism? The technological advancements in the areas of travel, medicine and reproduction have, obviously, all played a huge part. Expanded education opportunities have increased the number fertility specialist practicing outside the US. State-of-the-art medical facilities in countries like India, Mexico and El Salvador are more common along with specialists and nurses who are not only fluent in speaking English, but also abreast of modern technologies and techniques. But, the most influential effect on surrogacy abroad has been the ever rising cost of health care in the US. Many women are left with no other financially viable option than to go abroad if they require the help of a surrogate. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

In the US surrogacy costs can easily reach $80,000 or more, with no guarantee that the surrogate will not later attempt to keep the baby. In India, for example, fertility treatments like IVF or in-vitro fertilization or even surrogate pregnancies only cost around $25,000 plus legal issues and arrangements are also easier to manage. Surrogacy in India is close to becoming a billion-dollar industry; proof that surrogacy abroad surpassed fad status and is now a viable option for good-natured individuals who just want to have a family.

According to the New York Times article India Nurtures Business of Surrogate Motherhood, the pull toward medical tourism is not just based on costs alone. Many couples seek foreign surrogates because they live healthier lifestyles and do not drink caffeine or smoke. Surrogacy candidates receive equal or greater medical and specialist care abroad compared to their US counterparts. The adoption process is smoother and there is no concern that the surrogate might later change her mind about keeping the baby. Medical tourism companies like PlanetHospital help people make arrangements with fertility clinics abroad and handle all travel and hotel arrangements. They even assist in finding legal representation for the foreign adoption process.


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